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Export / Import

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has made serious adjustments in various spheres of human life, our company continues to provide services in the direction of the export of various goods. We understand how important it is for many entrepreneurs to have access to foreign markets in order to maintain their competitiveness, despite all the unfavorable factors. That is why special and great attention is paid to helping to maintain the familiar ties established between consumers and manufacturers. Turning to us, you can be sure of a full range of services in the direction of exporting products from the Russian Federation to different countries of the world.

We are ready to take on the solution of the following issues:

1) Purchase and search for goods necessary for the customer in Russia.

2) Full customs support and solution of all documentary issues in a short time, avoiding bureaucratic delays.

3) Delivery of goods to our warehouse in Germany or Poland, as well as direct deliveries to the buyer anywhere in the world specified by the customer.

We cooperate with both legal entities and individuals and we offer each individual terms of partnership, taking into account the peculiarities of the exported goods, financial capabilities, distance of delivery and many other important points. Delivery of products takes place using any type of transport. We guarantee 100% safety and exact observance of the terms specified at the conclusion of the contract. Before dispatching a cargo, specialists with extensive work experience necessarily calculate the optimal logistic schemes, choosing only those options that allow you to quickly deliver the cargo and at the same time ensure its safety. We are focused on long-term and productive cooperation.


Logistic services provided by our company for the import / export of various goods are invariably associated with the issue of cargo storage. Moreover, the need for this arises not only when delivering large quantities, but also, for example, when consolidating different orders. We take care of our customers and have our own warehouses located in Poland at the address: Boczów, st. Krotka, 4 and in Germany at the address: Frankfurt an der Oder st. Lettishe 6. Services for the storage of goods both imported into our country and supplied for export sales are available to each of our clients. What are the advantages:

1) The customer can adjust the assortment of his order in accordance with his changing customer needs. For example, while our specialists are collecting your initial order, it becomes necessary to supplement individual items, which may take additional time to find. In this case, we use our warehouses, which allows us to raise order fulfillment to a completely new level.

2) Thanks to the equipping of our premises with modern technology, the warehouses are multifunctional. They can store both various food products and any other types of goods supplied from abroad or abroad.

3) If necessary, you can use additional services, for example, packing, preparation not only for transportation (to guarantee safety), but also for subsequent sale, assembly of separate sets of products, etc. Thanks to this, after the delivery of the goods to the client, it can already be completely ready for subsequent sale. Warehouse rental is at an affordable level, which ensures even more comfortable cooperation. Our company is ready to become your reliable partner when working with foreign markets.

Customs clearance

The sale of imported goods on the territory of the Russian Federation or, on the contrary, the supply of products to foreign markets is a very important part not only in the activities of individual companies, but also in the overall foreign economic cooperation of the state with other countries. Our logistics company strives to develop and, despite the constantly appearing difficulties of a different nature (economic sanctions, political differences, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, etc.), we are still loyal assistants to our customers. We help in maintaining the previously established relationships and offer only highly qualified services. Among what our company is ready to offer, we can single out customs assistance. Registration of documentation for various types of goods that go through the procedure for crossing the state border is available to each of our customers. Our specialists carry out all activities in the field of import and export operations, in accordance with the norms established within Russian and international law. Thanks to our extensive practical experience, we significantly reduce the time spent on transporting goods across the border. Specialists are able to correctly and quickly draw up / fill in the required declarations, as well as:

1) Choose the best route and type of transport.

2) Obtain the required certificates of conformity.

3) Provide insurance and guarantee the safety of the cargo at the time of transportation from the supplier to the buyer.

4) Post-customs cargo escort.

5) Conclusion of foreign exchange contracts of purchase and sale. Thanks to our help, you will have the opportunity to arrange export / import deliveries at the highest level, completely eliminating any problems at customs.